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Part A Planning Study (2013) Documents

Final Report   

Some of these files are very large documents, it is recommended that you download the PDF files to your computer prior to viewing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing these files. Click here to download Acrobat Reader.

Executive Summary
PDF documentExecutive Summary (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

Complete Report
PDF documentFinal Report - Complete (Adobe PDF, 38.5MB)

Individual Chapters
Use the links below to view/download individual files for each Report chapter.
PDF documentChapter 1 - Introduction (Adobe PDF, 2.0MB)

PDF documentChapter 2 - Existing Conditions (Adobe PDF, 16.5MB)

PDF documentChapter 3 - Future Conditions (Adobe PDF, 1.0MB)

PDF documentChapter 4 - Alternatives Development (Adobe PDF, 12.1MB)

PDF documentChapter 5 - Evaluation of Alternatives (Adobe PDF, 3.1MB)

PDF documentChapter 6 - Conclusions (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

Environmental Technical Appendix
PDF documentEnvironmental Technical Appendix (Adobe PDF, 9.8MB)

Traffic Technical Appendix
PDF documentCover (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

PDF documentTMC (Adobe PDF, 1.8MB)

PDF documentATR (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)

PDF documentSpeed Data (Adobe PDF, 0.4MB)

PDF documentCrash Data (Adobe PDF, 1.3MB)

PDF documentTraffic Volume Adjustments (Adobe PDF, 1.7MB)

PDF documentFreeway Analysis (Adobe PDF, 5.9MB)

PDF documentRamp-Weave Analysis (Adobe PDF, 7.0MB)

PDF documentSignalized Analysis (Adobe PDF, 54.2MB)

PDF documentUnsignalized Analysis (Adobe PDF, 22.6MB)

PDF documentRoundabout Analysis (Adobe PDF, 6.6MB)

Public Meeting Presentations

PDF documentPublic Informational Meeting #3 - December 12, 2012 (Adobe PDF, 8.1MB)

PDF documentPublic Informational Meeting #1 - July 18, 2012 (Adobe PDF, 16.8MB)


PDF documentProject Newsletter - May 2013 (Adobe PDF, 5.9MB)

Resource Maps

PDF documentMain Line Traffic 1 (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

PDF documentMain Line Traffic 2 (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

PDF documentTraffic Networks 1 (Adobe PDF, 0.5MB)

PDF documentTraffic Networks 2 (Adobe PDF, 0.5MB)

PDF documentTransit (Adobe PDF, 0.5MB)

PDF documentBase Map (Adobe PDF, 0.9MB)

PDF documentCrash Locations (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)

PDF documentCultural Resources (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)

PDF documentDeficient Facilities (Adobe PDF, 0.5MB)

PDF documentFloodplains (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)

PDF documentGroundwater Resources (Adobe PDF, 0.9MB)

PDF documentKey Issues Map (Adobe PDF, 6.3MB)

PDF documentWetlands (Adobe PDF, 1.0MB)

PDF documentWildlife Action Plan (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)

PDF documentWildlife Action Plan - Tiers (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)


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